The very best Settlemier’s Award Jackets has to offer is the in-person, custom fitting experience.  This couture appointment allows our customers to fully immerse themselves in the jacket designing and construction process, to create that perfect bespoke garment.

Trying on a variety of jacket sizes is the first step, taking note of any alterations that are desired for when the jacket is made and seeing how each style fits on the customer.  Getting the look and comfort feel just right.

From there the customer can begin to build the jacket: Body style and body color, sleeve style and sleeve color, knit trim patterns and color, closure style and color, collar options, lining options, and more!  Everything is on the table.  The customer can view samples and touch raw fabrics to know exactly what they are getting and how it will look.

The final step is decoration.  Just like the jackets, samples of patches and embroidery are on full display to help the customer make their jacket tell the personal and meaningful story of themselves.

Making an appointment at the Settlemier’s Jackets factory showroom— or finding one of our many satellite dealers— is how one can discover the truly unique custom garment that is a Settlemier’s jacket.

Come and experience it for yourself for so many reasons:  For your greatest accomplishments, for a special event, for team building, for a personal gift, or simply to treat yourself to a jacket that is made just for you.

Contact us to find out where this experience is offered nearest to you.